Producer, singer and songwriter Tomás Doncker, otherwise known as the pioneer of Groovy Sex Music made a come back with his new album “Inside Out,” on July 15th @ cdbaby.com and itunes.com. The album – under construction for the past year – embodies an eclectic blend of blues, soul and pop. Doncker is sexy, soulful and original; his groovy sex music is for everybody, but sophisticated audiences appreciate him most.

Doncker cut his teeth hanging out in New York’s downtown, fertile punk-funk explosion of the 1980’s but after spending some time out of the loop and after seeing him perform, you’d have to agree that he’s back, bigger and better than before!

Although Doncker and his band are independent artists, they represent the echelon of New York’s elite musicians, specializing in songs about relationships among friends, family and lovers.

Alongside Doncker are his vocalists, acoustic-soul and pop-diva, “Morley” and the legendary New York City songwriter, “Chocolate Genius.” Steven Bernstein of Sex Mob [nominated for a Grammy in February, 2007] plays the trumpet. Daniel Sedownick handles percussion, and Booker King tames the bass.

The Hollins Steele Factory production team and Ethan Ryman of the Garden of Ethan Studios of Brooklyn, NY produced the album along with Executive Producer, Russell Cooper.

Doncker, who wrote seven of the nine songs on his album [two being re-makes of Sadé’s “Somebody Already Broke My Heart” and Cat Stephens’ “Peace Train”] are reflective of his life: Track number one kicks off the album with “Faith and Trust.” The song was born out of the deep depression Doncker experienced over the death of his mother – a period in which he was homeless and unable to move forward. He feels blessed to have graduated from this circumstance unscathed, realizing that the friendships he cultivated were like family: “People may not be your flesh and blood but they’ll treat you like you’re ‘one’ and provide that crutch.”

Although Doncker’s temporary brush with depression transformed him, much has still changed since his hay day in the ’80’s with such artists like Madonna, Jean Michel Basquiat, Bootsy Collins and Yoko Ono for companions and co-workers: “I have found that time and experience have shaped me into the passionate artist I am today and although some experiences were difficult, I wouldn’t trade the lessons for the world.”

The response to his music has been, “…Overwhelmingly positive,” he says. “People are comparing me to Robin Thicke, who I think has the best album of the year!”

Doncker is currently wrapping up production for his new album, “The Mercy Suite” with Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Yesef Komunyaka. “The album is about love, relationships and war and features guest appearances by Chocolate Genius, Morley and Corey Glover,” says Doncker.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Doncker records and performs with his band and is finishing his highly anticipated acoustic/soul album. It will be co-produced by Ethan Ryman (Garden of Ethan Studios) and the Hollins Steele production team once again.

Speaking of band performances, Doncker and his band are incredible live performers, which means a lot considering this technically-inspired music age we live in: At the Voyage Restaurant and Lounge on September 18th, the bass player guided the performance with such ease and rhythmic calm, that a lock-jawed pit bull could relax. The percussionist contributed a Mediterranean element to the performance and the lovely backup singer Morley, was a pleasant reminder of the performance’s vocal and physical beauty, which balanced the over-all act. Last but not least, Doncker was the glue that held the performance together with his soothing guitar playing and milky, silky voice; he contributed the sexy element in which his groovy, sexy reputation is based. His lyrics and the band’s performance quality were so engaging that any audience would be subdued.

Tomás Doncker on his music: “It’s blues music about emotions; it’s best to create music about things you’ve seen.” The artists he admires are, “…people who are fearless in their commitment to their craft despite the industry limitations.”

He gives special thanks to his band and his guitar endorsers R.Roco Strings, Aslindane and Blueride/Regal Guitars.


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