Bracha Krueger was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The beautiful 5’9 model [of German and Haitian descent] stands out in the crowd.

Bracha as an entertainer, is versed in many fields of the arts, but just a year ago she was a culinary art school student studying French cuisine, pastry arts and restaurant management.  Her secondary interest in business, compelled her to pursue and obtain her New York State Real Estate license.

Bracha is currently a full-time commercial print model, working with such companies as G-Unit and Rocawear, although she has also modeled/done print jobs for Time Warner, Univision and Borders Bookstore.

In addition to modeling, she has also hosted her own music video program for two years called “Life With Bracha” on the WNYX tv station, where she interviewed celebrities and interacted with the audience and viewers at home.  Other programs she’s hosted include cooking, “Focus/IPTV” and a local game show, “True or False.”

Last but not least of her accomplishments to date, is her appearance as co-anchor on the weekly news program, “The Other News” [WNYX TV] and appearances on CW11’s, “Inside Edition” and “Rachel Ray” shows.

Bracha is currently working on a feature film among many other projects. When she does find free time, her hobbies include designing clothes, writing music and cooking. She also enjoys throwing intimate dinner/cocktail parties for her friends.


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  1. I says:

    Hello your comment is stunning.
    I like your blog..
    thank you again


  2. Erick F says:

    Jus wanted to say that Bracha is one of the most beautiful woman i’ve seen . I’m myself a Hatian descent and i’m also part German and Dominican so there are slight similarities lol , but i definitely want to support Ms. Krueger in her works an e-mail from her would be nice time to time.


  3. ;-Danielle says:

    lol…i went 2 elementary and junior high wit bracha…she was always good in front of the camera…it was always her passion 2b in the industry..its good 2 c that she’s doin her thing!!


    1. Yes, she seems to be very well known by all. We get quite a lot of feedback about her.


  4. Great post, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs!


  5. i haven’t seen this girl in like, 5 years. this post gets the most hits on my blog, every day.


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