DJ Scope – member of the notorious New York Streetsweepers DJ team, produces four mixtapes weekly of Hip Hop, R & B, Reggae and “Top Picks of The Week.”

This Springfield, MA native only lives there, because by all accounts he gets around: Before he was inducted into the Kay Slay DJ family in 2005, he was a Superfriend DJ [ATL DJ affiliation] founded by DJ Mars, who appointed Scope to hold down the east coast and southern regions.

Scope keeps his mixtapes fresh with feature-artist appearances by industry newcomers, and top entertainers throughout the United States and abroad, who both contribute exclusive music to his mixtapes as well as host them.

He says of today’s music marketplace that it’s “Over-saturated with Internet, mp3-downloaders, who have confused blending songs onto a CD, with being a DJ.” The difference between he and other [self proclaimed] DJs is that he applies the traditional standard of cutting and scratching into his contemporary product – a technique that’s being gradually phased out by new mixtape producers.

As a club DJ, Scope takes it back to the days of Kid Capri, “When DJs talked on the mic and got the crowd hype,” he says.

Scope believes that getting exclusive music from the artists he showcases on his mixtapes is key in putting out four mixtapes weekly and in doing so, his work ethic centers around maintaining good relationships with artists and giving everyone [those on the come-up and in the majors] a slot on his mixtape. Scope says, “It’s about keeping it fresh with up-to-date releases and back-to-back exclusives.”

The industry thrives off mixtape DJs like Scope, who help keep their artist buzz alive. Scope’s music arrangement, artist exclusives and cutting edge scratching skills is a mixtape you can bump all the way through.

DJ Scope’s music is downloadable at,,, and You can also visit him at


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