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Pioneering, Roots-Reggae artist Junior Reid of Kingston, Jamaica is enjoying the success that his recent collaborations with MIMS, Game, Fabulous, Fat Joe and Alicia Keys have contributed to his music catalog. He says that like his song “One Blood” with Game, he shares a brotherhood with these artists: “Love conquers all things and it’s about getting the work done. To each one, teach one.”

Reid attributes his musical inspiration to his tough upbringing in West Kingston’s notorious Waterhouse district, entertaining and performing for people in his community. After his first international gig in England, the invitations started pouring in from all over the world he says.

Reid – born “Delroy Reid,” was given the nickname “Junior” by his parents and says he’s been doing music since he was a baby. Reid, also referred to as “One Blood” by cronies and fans, concedes that it has always been his intention (for as long as he can remember) to produce music people would remember, and considers himself a living legend of Reggae Music, championing the styles and culture of Jamaica: “It’s not just the youth who appreciate my music, families and people of all ages come out to see me perform.”

The events that afflict the common, human experience fuels his artistry: He says, “Everything starts and ends with the ghetto. The whole world is a ghetto. Rich men make money off the ghetto, and the art and struggle of the ghetto is what makes it a hotbed of expression and opportunity.”

Currently, Reid has projects in the works with Rick Ross, T-Pain and many more – the details of which – shall remain a surprise for now.

Junior – One Blood – Reid says, “Don’t forget me because I’m part of the creation: My focus is on expressing the most-high that exists in each of us. Fashion and styles come and go, but good songs live on forever.”


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