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Smif-N-Wessun is at it again more than twenty years after their first hit with their new album entitiled, “The Album,” set for release at and, October 23.

Producers Ken Ring, Tommy Tee and Collen & Webb of Norway accomplished threading together the classic Boot Camp gritty style, with a splash of instrumental diversity expected of a Smif-N-Wessun album, and tailor-made for a BCC audience. Feature appearances include Joell Ortiz, Loudmouf Choir, Rock, Chuckii Star and Million Styles.

This album is a head-nodder, guaranteed to keep your ears warm this winter with a diverse platform of synthesized strings and harmonies. Instrumentally, the pace is mid-tempo and the majority of the tracks are original with a hint of Biggie Smalls, Bootsy Collins, Native American and Classical influences sprinkled in, lending credibility to the album’s diversity.

There comes a time in the mid-life psyche of a person, in which they reflect on their experiences. Ironically this is the stage Smif-N-Wessun are at: Their memories of growing up and their timeline of societal changes are documented and prevalent on this album, as they challenge themselves in addressing the political issues of our day. Their lyrical delivery is original and aggressively, intelligent. Their main concern voiced is, “Who Will Save Us” from the mistakes of our government?

The album’s first few tracks are reflective of their childhood, then segue into their careers – and finally balances out with their look to the future. The end of the album is less reflective and more contemporary sounding with high, lyrical IQ.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a product of the BCC without their classic slang terminolgy, “…Slap earth, wind and fire outta you,” said at least once on “The Album.”

Expect to be enthralled by Smif-N-Wessun’s honesty and sentimentality about the past, and impressed with their simplicity, yet instrumental diversity. It’s classic Boot Camp Click, reincarnated – 2007 style.


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