The story of Courtney “Court Digga” Powell’s career reads like a good action novel – full of suspense, surprise and unbelievable endings.

Born in the southern heat of Charleston, South Carolina, Courtney Powell was uprooted to the hitmaking mecca of Brooklyn, New York. Always having a deep appreciation for music as well as an ear for powerful songs, Courtney had no idea that he was destined to become one of the most dynamic executives in the modern recording industry. With his, “Pull your self up from the bootstraps” approach, he has successfully propelled himself into a rewarding career that spans more than a decade.

It all began for Digga in 1991 when he moved to Atlanta, GA. He began studying Music Industry Management and Business Administration at Georgia State University. The academic rigor exposed him to the business side of music. But his side-hustle of party promotion opened his eyes to the magnitude of the Hip-Hop arena. Feeling something in the Atlanta music scene that provoked an undeniable hunger, he began to lay the foundation, which fused his business savvy with the energy of music.

After forming the Management and Artist Development entity known as Amongst Frenz Entertainment [AFE], Digga’s experience as an independent promoter led him into the position of A&R assistant for the late, Lisa Left Eye Lopes in 1996. This opportunity allowed Digga to excel and execute in the areas of selecting music producers, audio engineers and artist developers.

In 2001, after years of fine-tuning his expertise of street promotions, Digga landed a position as consultant at Def Jam Records in Atlanta GA., where he ran a promotional street team of twelve soldiers and executed the promotion strategy for Jay-Z’s 1999, Hard Knock Life tour. His promotions success consistently disturbed the peace, and his path of opportunities continued to expand.

With the quickening pace of his developing career, momentum carried him back to NYC: In January of 2000, Court Digga accepted the Director of Marketing & Promotion position at Elektra Entertainment under then chairman, Sylvia Rhone. At Elektra, he wore many hats, forged relationships with DJs across the country, distributed product to the top 25 crossover radio stations, organized tour routing, assisted in running the marketing department and made sure the streets were not forgotten. Digga was also a contributing force for the musical projects of such artists as Missy Elliot, Tamia, Lil Mo and Fabulous. The never-resting, always striving powerhouse of Courtney “Court Digga” Powell survived the massive shake up of the music industry, and in 2002 he began his tenure as the National Director of Urban Street Marketing within the tour marketing department of Atlantic Records.

Where is he now? In 2008, Digga is holding rank as National Mix Show Coordinator for Bad Boy, working as a liason for such groups as Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie Klang, Elephant Man, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Janelle Monae and he’s still just getting started. Court Digga continues to polish his expertise, finesse relationships and surpass the expectations of industry insiders. The lesson to be learned from this industry mogul, is that where there is determination and drive, success is inevitable.


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