You might remember Skript Keeper from BET’s Freestyle Fridays in the Summer of ‘07. He completed four grueling rounds of spitfire freestyling entertainment before earning the crown. Prior to that, he competed against 10 emcees and won HOT 97’s 2005 Summer Jam Emcee Battle.

He is currently being managed by Violator and Sik City Records. The baby face emcee, 31, has been rapping for 12 years. He launched his career opening for the Grave Diggaz [group member, Poetic, mentored SK and taught him how to “rock a crowd”] as well as ’90s rap group, Young Black Teenagers, who SK also opened for.

In 2003, SK collaborated with Parish of EPMD to create a documentary about drag racing entitled, “2 Fast, 2 Real,” which sold in Tower Records and overseas.

He recently completed an independent album with DJ Honda set for release in Japan, August ‘08, as well as a mixtape entitled “Violator and Sik City presents…” hosted by Uncle Murder, releasing this May.

What’s in store for SK? He hopes to branch out in to acting and establish his own record label so he can market his independent talent interests – one of which is “Fam 4,” a group he currently manages and produces.

Over the years, SK has cultivated some opinions about the industry in which he is invested: “Mainstream is where the money is, but mainstream music can also change the way we view Hip Hop and what is excepted. I love all Hip Hop as long as it’s real. The one thing I’d change about it is what Executives and A&Rs believe is marketable; they’re not always correct about what should and shouldn’t get aired.”

When asked how SK believes he is perceived by his audience and comrades he responds, “…As a great emcee, freestyler, song writer and underground legend.”

Upcoming events for SK will be announced after the release of his upcoming mixtape. Stay tuned for updates.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Skriptkeeper says:

    Thank you soooooooo Much Hana Much love from your brother in Strong Isle Big ups to Dj Degree


  2. You are always welcome Skriptkeeper = )


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