Hana & Associates has been receiving calls from around the country about Blackberry Entertainment’s Fresh Fest Designs line. As such, we feel it’s only right to update you on recent changes of the collection.

Blackberry Ent. initially created a clothing line that reflected and commemorated styles of the early Hip Hop era, e.g. Kangols, fat sneaker laces and rope chains. The designers recycled classic styles and added a modern flare to it, while infusing Blackberry’s unique design concepts. But as of late, the designers have expanded the aesthetics of the line to include a broader spectrum of style which will also speak to a broader consumer market.

Upcoming line changes will include never seen before t-shirts, mirroring everything that represents the culture of today. The funky, fresh, dope, rocking, b-boy styling times will still play an integral role with this new-school-bling.

What exactly is “Fresh?” Shanna Byas [Blackberry Ent.’s CEO] says, “Fresh is New. Fresh is Different. Fresh is Not Faded. Fresh is Recently Created, and Fresh is Original. Fresh is YOU!”

The new Fresh Fest line speaks to all races and generations and welcomes a common experience. It’s not just another t-shirt line; when you wear Fresh Fest, you wear a movement.

The new line is due this summer. Launch party details will be posted here.


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