The Park Avenue Bank Honor Their Community


The Park Avenue Bank of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, honored it’s commitment to the community with invited guest, Congressman Vincent Gentile at a private luncheon held Wednesday, April 30, 2008.

The branch’s affiliates and account holders were given the opportunity to discuss their concerns about the community, as well as learn of the Congressman’s present and future development plans for the area. Discussion topics included Bay Ridge’s banking practices, the mortgage industry and the community at large.

At a time when Banks are gradually being shut out of the mortgage industry, the PAB has managed to incorporate mortgage lending into their service platform. They are also a bank that understands and identifies with the small business community.

Bank branch President, Charles Antonucci says of his experience, “I understand small business, I started out as a banker; we believe in establishing relationships with our small business managers – a quality that bigger banks have lost sight of in recent years. Being personable is what makes an impact.”

Marketing Director, AnnaMarie Suriano added that they aim to be, “Flexible and accommodating to everybody. We’re a bank that cares and it’s enriching to watch our customers’ businesses grow.”

Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Murphy, went on to discuss some of the technological features they offer for small businesses: “Remote Capture allows our customers to process checks from their small businesses and home offices,” says Murphy of the product.

Owning Remote Capture is like having your very own personal bank teller in your home or office: One can scan checks to verify that funds are available, as well as process them.

Anna Fenimore-DeLorenzo, Vice President and branch manager says, “We at The Park Avenue Bank are dedicated to supporting the growth of our small business clients. Since we are a small bank, we understand the growing pains and challenges our clients face. Our flexibility to accommodate them on a more personal basis, and our commitment to quality service is our trademark. There’s nothing more self-gratifying than helping our clients grow, and take the journey with them.”

Much like the PAB, Congressman Gentile has a vested interest in the Bay Ridge community and has plans to revitalize the parks and restore and maintain the classic, building architectural style of the neighborhood. He says, “Our parks have been neglected and overlooked for years.”

Gentile plans to re-work the zoning for future building projects in efforts to phase out some of the elaborate, Condominium building currently underway in the area. He hopes to see more “Contextual Building,” – building which mirrors the classic, Bay Ridge style of beauty.

“Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge are a small town in a big city,” Gentile says with regard to the preservation of the area. A few of his upcoming projects include a Botanical Gardens building project, and a football field at Shore Road and 97th Street.

The Park Avenue bank has customized accounts for the various needs of their diversified client-base, such as Attorney accounts and Medical business accounts, in addition to the “Treasure Chest” program for children: The bank essentially donates $5.00 toward the school a child goes to, benefiting the school while educating children on savings.

If that isn’t enough, they are interactively involved with their community like branch manager, Anna Fenimore-DeLorenzo who heads up, “Let’s Grow Together,” a weekly business program that promotes awareness about the costs of advertising and budgets.

The bank also promotes their clients free-of-charge by showcasing their marketing and advertising materials for one full week in the lobby of their bank branches.

The PAB is an undeniably accommodating, compassionate and multi-functioning banking institution, with a competitive edge tough to match.

For more information about PAB’s products, events and services, visit them on the web at or toll free at 877 – PAB – 3336.


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