(New York, New York, 6/17/08 ) – Streets Mos Magazine holds it’s 5th annual Street Conference on Saturday, July 12, 2008 at the National Black Theatre of Harlem, from 5pm – 12am.

The Conference – a quarterly event organized by creators of the internationally distributed magazine – will be co-organized by numerous affiliates: Adante Ace [founder of Ace of Spades Entertainment, “AOS”], will incorporate Streets Have a Voice, a networking haven for unsigned artists. Adante Ace says “Artists have an opportunity to come out and promote themselves, while building a fan base that can see them perform live on world renowned stages.” AOS draws the most sought after DJs, artists and radio personalities to its showcases.

Marketing and Promotions company, Checkmate New York – in conjunction with the Source Magazine will bring the Spit 16 online hip hop showcase to the conference, providing yet another opportunity for registrants to compete and be judged by the forum’s viewers in a “Who Has The Hottest 16 Bars” competition, following the July 12th event. Registrants will also be featured on the Spit 16 mixtape and DVD being released through the Source Magazine later this summer. Checkmate CEO, Big Apple says, “We look forward to hearing the talent in the building, and welcome these artists to discover their future.”

Tammy Feliciano will bring the Latin segment, Streets Mos’ Representado to the conference and provide various promotional opportunities through Tammy Feliciano Promotions sites, affiliated sites, product placement and DVD exposure. 


With such a strong influx of contributors and industry insiders, the hottest, unsigned talent is guaranteed to be in attendance.

The theme of this event is “Who Is The Hottest In The Streets,” and celebrates the culture by uniting talented artists with industry bosses to provide career-enhancing opportunities. A $10,000 promotional package hangs in the balance of these competitors, along with the ”STREET ARTIST of THE YEAR” title. 

The winners of categories, Best Solo Artist, Best Group, Best Female artist and Best Latino artist will also be crowned.

Talent should register as soon as possible as spots are limited.

For more information on this event, registration or to attend as press, email



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  1. Martinique` Benz says:

    Wow. I thought I heard right! I saw Aqua Vibe only once before – at an exhibition of paintings by an artist who did some awesome paintings about the country’s overall spiritual state after 9/11. I thought then that the choice of having this versatile group play for something like this -the paintings had so much depth, you couldn’t throw just any group with it- was an excellent one. To say that they “handled” it is an understatement!
    I talked to the producer of the exhibition (yes, I said “producer”: it wasn’t just the usual boring blank walls with a bunch of pretentious paintings tossed on them, of pretentious images the usually pretentious artist attempted to pass off as “art” – (like so many “discoveries” of artists who do paintings of someone chewing their own face off; eeww…scared of you…) – this was a PRODUCTION — complete with profoundly impressive images with a SOUNDTRACK -something I’d only seen once before, in Boston, maybe even by the same artist – (too bad I’m so bad on names.)
    This soundtrack was obviously originally composed for the different pieces in the show, making them all the more powerful – and visa versa for the music itelf. Clearly, there was some I.Q. involved with putting this together, and I wish more artists – visual and musical – would add a bit more of that into how they put their shows together, instead of all the self-ndulgent, sophomoric crap we always get treated to when seeking a bit more substance to dig into.
    Aqua Vibe obviously come well-equipped fr whatever life throws at it.
    Hana & Associates, as well, delivers a great read about this group. It makes me want to check out other reviews, or clients it has.
    At last: a PR company that doesn’t spin so over-the-top that you already KNOW its a lie – and one can get a real grip on what a group -or whatever else it handles – has to offer. My recollection of Aqua Vibe matches perfectly (sans the “in-person” impact) as closely as possible, what to expect when one has the good fortume of actually being there.
    Not just refreshing – its a relief.


  2. Thank you Martinique for your insightful remarks!


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