Aquavibe is the answer. Hip-hop, R&B, rock, soul and dance fused together into one original sound performed by six men committed to The Groovement. Aquavibe appeals to listeners with a wide variety of styles and yet manage to remain unbending and uncompromising to the monotone standard of today’s music. They are able to create and transcend popular trends by refusing to sacrifice originality.

This is where the heart of hip-hop and the soul of rock ‘n roll come together. This is live original music. This is something new. This is a spectacle. Don’t look away.

Aquavibe has performed at such popular venues as Pianos, Lion’s Den, Southpaw, Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe, CBGB’s, Caroline’s Comedy Club in Times Square and a little place you might have heard of called the Playboy Mansion. Not only did they rock the mansion in person, but they have three songs on the soundtrack to the Playboy Mansion video game and appear as characters in the game!

Aqua Vibe has collaborated with Dj Excess (Scratch Champion). Aquavibe’s lead singer, D1, produces all of Aquavibe’s music and has composed commercial music for the likes of ESPN, Samuel Adams and Victoria’s Secret. DyVerse acts alongside Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Saldana in the acclaimed indy film “Blackout [sold to Paramount BET]. Paradox did voices for the Kryptyx/Media World animated educational program “Gross Out” and yeah, it’s pretty damn gross. The members of Aquavibe are as diverse as the music and our varied talents and interests are making it possible for us to come at the music business from all angles.

The new CD, The People’s Groovement Vol. 1 represents the beginning of a new phase. It was designed as a primer for new fans to introduce the band and explain what they do and why. It’s also a gift to the dedicated friends and fans who have waited patiently (or impatiently) for the chance to hear the new songs and start spreading the word. Like the band itself, this disc is many things at once and it does them all well.

For bookings or to join the mailing list: info@aquavibe.com



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