Dayton, Ohio emcees, Thrill Nova and Flamboyant, embody the aura of a city – rich with art and innovation. Ohio has been home to such legends as Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the soul-funk classics of Gem City Natives, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp.  Drawing from this inspirational blend of artistic talent, Nov and Flam plan to leave a distinct mark on the music industry.

The duo took hip hop to a professional level three years ago with mixtapes, branching out with DJ Meech, who assisted in building their buzz. DJ Meech along with Big Makk of Syam Productions, and J.R. Exclusive [J.R. did production for Lil wayne, R. Kelly, The Diplomats and Stack Bundles] all contributed their expertise to Nov and Flam’s project.

Nov classifies the duo’s style as “care free” and wants people to know that it’s cool to do whatever it is that you do; if Nov wants to wake up one day and listen to classical music, The Beatles or the early 90’s, than that’s what he’ll do. He doesn’t cooperate with limitations, and he encourages others to partake of the diversity that exists in the world.

“I’m out the Box,” says Nov. “I watched hip hop grow, so I like to incorporate the diversity that I witnessed growing up, in to our music. I don’t want to be viewed as the artist that just makes club songs, or street songs. I want to do a little of everything.”

Nov and Flam are referring to their upcoming album as the 1903 Project. 1903 was the year aviation was invented by Ohio’s own Wright Brothers. Ohio has been deemed one of the fastest dying cities in America; Nov and Flam have put the city on their backs and intend to revitalize it and give it a stable place on the map once again. This is the duo’s way of paying homage, while giving rise to the re-birth of the 1903 Project – the incarnation of greatness and vision.

The 1903 Project is expected to release 2008 – 09. Major distributors and record labels are vying for the opportunity to initiate the new group into the industry, as the mixtape they currently have on the streets, Flyy is a Way of Life is generating a serious buzz, with tracks fit for success.  This mixtape is downloadable at myspace.com/thrillnova and myspace.com/flamfever, and is downloadable at datpiff.com and mixtapetorrent.com.

Nova’s word of advice to the masses is “Stay Flyy.”

For additional information visit http://www.reverbnation.com/thenov


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