“Akua” means precious messenger and is a name given to girls born on Wednesday in Ghana, West Africa.  Akua Taylor was born in Milwaukee, WI and was raised with Midwest values: She is opinionated, outspoken and regal. 

Akua is the daughter of retired news anchorman Bill Taylor.  Before reporting for almost 30 years at WTMJ4, Bill Taylor was a disk jockey.  He had a basement full of classic soul records, a sound system to match, and frequent get-togethers that were legendary.  Bill instilled the love of music in his children – the fundamentals of which stuck with Akua. 

Classically trained in piano and vocally rooted in choral music, Akua set her sights on Fisk University in Nashville, TN to be one of the world’s renowned Jubilee Singers.  Not only did she sing with the group, but she also reigned as Miss Fisk University 2004-2005. 

Between classes, Akua wrote, recorded and produced her first album “Reach Higher,” selling it out of her dorm room, bookstores and everywhere she traveled.  She promoted independent music on her campus radio show and performed regularly with area bands.  Upon graduating Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Akua recorded her EP “Just Tryin’ to Live,” and moved to New York to pursue her music and acting career full time.   

It officially began for Akua at the Food 4 Thought Café in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  She sang at a “Liberation Friday” open-mic night and was enthusiastically embraced by the community.  She has since performed at AIDS Walk 2008 in Central Park, and has opened for Emily King, Brand Nubian and M1 of Dead Prez. 

Precious Messenger Productions – an appropriate name for her company – houses all creations of the singer, actress, dancer, songwriter, playwright, composer and motivational speaker.    

People say she is refreshing, a breath of fresh air because she embodies manners that seem almost extinct with today’s youth.  Many are amazed to see a young lady embrace her African culture so earnestly.  Akua says, “I wear my heritage like it’s going out of style; it’s up to us to keep who we are alive.”

For information on this artist, or to hear her music, visit www.myspace.com/akuataylor and www.akuataylor.com


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