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Francisco J. Acosta Has Partnered With Payscape Advisors New York, NY & Atlanta, GA 8/7/2009

Veteran sales professional, Francisco J. Acosta, has entered into a partnership agreement with Payscape Advisors. Mr. Acosta is responsible for developing the New York area, as well as recruiting and managing a local sales force. He says, “I’m delighted to align myself with an organization that understands what excellent customer service and innovative business development are all about. I’m happy to be part of their expansion into New York.”

In sales since 1984, his career spans direct, retail, manufacturing, telemarketing and corporate sales. Along with his varied selling background, Mr. Acosta has contributed to training initiatives for several companies. He has created the sales presentations that have been used by entire sales organizations. He has also innovated training strategies for several companies. At one company, he streamlined the training schedule to such a degree that the time it took for new sales representatives to become productive went from three months, to two weeks. The majority of his experience has been in the credit card processing industry, where he has represented some of the largest processors in the country. His extensive corporate training, coupled with his creativity, has given Mr. Acosta a unique differential advantage. His vision and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind his success.

Payscape Advisors’ business consists of customizing payment processing services. The firm primarily provides credit card processing, but aims to expand its reach through several services, which include debit card processing, check guarantee products, point-of-sale equipment, credit card terminals, e-commerce services and software as a service. The company also offers ATM sales and placement.

Payscape Advisors is a Registered ISO/MSP, KeyBank NA, Cleveland, Ohio.

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    Very cool. Thanks.


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