Cassandra Renee//PRO Makeup Artist

Cassandra-Renee believes that true beauty stems from a place of authenticity, deep within the soul.  Her unique “second-nature” for producing healthy looking skin defines her as a makeup artist; she is an artist with a flare for the inner glow.

Her makeup formulas [for prominent fashion designers, performing artists, magazine layouts, professional headshots, supermodels, music videos and international magazines] have greatly impacted and contributed to our day’s industry standard.

“Ms. Renee is a pleasure to work with.” – Q Tip.

“To have someone talented, beautiful, AND easy-going… well, what more could I ask for on set…she has a wonderful presence and poise, and knows how to work with models.” – Nikola Taminzic/Page Six Magazine.

“Cassandra catches things that I miss, and I love that.” – Juelz Santana.

Her specialties: Natural/clean makeup for high definition (HD); makeup for all skin tones/ethnicities; beauty makeup for headshots and photoshoots; makeup for fashion shows and designer lines; makeup for bands (i.e. music videos, photo shoots and live shows); character makeup (e.g. geishas, barbies, ethnicity and gender transformations, etc.); body painting/designing; temporary tattoos; bruise, scar and scratch application or concealment.

Cassandra’s motto: Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be beautiful… Be

For information on her services and for bookings, visit


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