Emily Ellis is Valentine

California-based rockstress, Emily Ellis, held her first U.S. album listening party at a jam-packed La Pomme nightclub in New York March 5th, 2010. Ellis, also known as “Valentine” released her album Today It Begins on iTunes through Japanese indie label, Spinning Inc./Grizz Rhythms.  The rising rocker is currently considering U.S. record label offers.

National audiences appreciate Ellis’s explosive stage shows as seen on her Warped and Taste of Chaos tours. She and her band are gaining substantial notoriety as a “Band to Watch For” in 2010 with recent press in Japan’s Burn Magazine for song “All Or Nothing” voted among the top-ten best of 2009, and in the Rolling Stones’ “Hottest New Band” section.

Ellis is one of few contemporary artists that integrate hip-hop with her rock platform, as seen with the Beastie Boys, Jay Z and Linkin Park. Ellis says, “I don’t believe that one genre is more dominant than the other; they are both so rhythmic and heavy, and the crowd loves to hear them, together.”

Ellis began working with industry-renowned hip-hop producer, BpZy [bee-peezy], when a track originally created for Lil Wayne’s project [2009], was shelved by Universal Records due to the artist’s growing legal controversy. The track was then re-distributed to Ellis by manager, Kim Williams [owner, artist manager / Onevakynd Management Consulting, LLC (O.M.C, LLC.)], and she and her band created a rock version of the track, to be featured on BpZy’s upcoming project.

In his former days, BpZy was a member of the Beatminerz and later produced records for Black Moon, Smiff ‘n Wessun, Nas, Naughty By Nature, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Consequence, AZ and Amil to name a few. With label imprint underway, Divine Order Entertainment, BpZy enjoys the autonomy of exploring other genres with his music. He says of his relationship with Ellis, “I come from the ‘digging in the crates’ era and have a broad foundation of musical interest that helps me appreciate all genres.”

At the helm of this rock-hop collaboration is Kim Williams, who says, “When I deal with an artist, I like to get to know them personally. I know Emily’s writing and her musical style. I also know that she really digs hip-hop. I thought it would be cool to bring both elements together; it’s something that hasn’t really been tapped into as of yet. I wanted to pursue this, along with her straight-ahead rock and roll sound.”

Williams is poised to bring similar collaborations to the forefront this year, and says of the evolution of music: “People, who don’t think outside the box stay in the box.”

For more information on Emily Ellis, visit myspace.com/Valentine

Photo by Harold Hartman

Hair & makeup by LaZelle James


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Herdmann says:

    Job well done! The marriage of hip-hop and rock has been a long time coming! Kim Williams and Valentine have pulled it all together! OMC, Inc. is here for the long run!


  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ellis and I think she’s doing a tremendous job of laying the foundation for what will undeniably be a musical imprint on history. I wish her the best and continued success!


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