Undaground Vet

There are two types of people in this world:  Those who ride the bus and those who drive the bus. With regard to music, the two main forces behind the success or failure of an album, are artist and producer.

Having worked collaboratively with music innovators and trendsetters for over a decade, Baby Paul (a.k.a. BpZy) isn’t just producing: He’s co-creating the standard, born of which, are the dreams and plans people make for the future. Though many of us recognize the artist, how many of us recognize the person who laid the beat that we nod our heads to?

For some artists, the completion of an album is the end of the road for them until their next project releases, but a producer’s work is never done. The wheels stay turning for this industry giant, who’s recent “Undaground Veteran 1.5″ mixtape garnered over 100,000 downloads at coast2coastmixtapes.com. Ever inventive and reflective, BpZy is the quiet, yet solid foundation on which these classic hits sit.

The mixtape is a compilation of songs released between 2005-2010, along with some surprise tracks that haven’t seen the light of day ’til now.  It features Beat Fanatik, Nas, AZ, Heltah Skeltah, Black Moon, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Smif-N-Wessun, MOP, Buckshot, Fab 5, Naughty By Nature, Pharoahoe Monch, John Legend, Consequence, Amil, Mikey Bloodshot, illite, Fat Kid Dodgeball, Kanye West, Remy Ma, NoVa and more!

Download Link:
BpZy- iStandard Blog/Mixtape Promo Video:
Also check recent project, “Hood Superstar” with artist, “Rep” featuring Brian Frank of Fatkid Dodgeball.

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