Win A Free Distribution Deal

Are you an independent artist needing to be found and heard?

Are you looking to get your music out there to reach existing fans and gain new ones?

Do you want to forever change the course of your career?

Rather than wait in obscurity for that big break –

Here is the solution for you to take control of your own destiny.

NEW YORK, NY (August 5th, 2010) – FANATIX DIGITAL DEAL – Fanatix Agency has a digital partnership through the official online distributor of Universal Music Group, VP Records & Metal Blade Records. To promote the company launch, Fanatix is sponsoring  an all genre contest – Fanatix will sign & register one lucky artist label for exclusive digital distribution and distribute their music to over 400 online and mobile destinations worldwide in more than 100 territories for a period of one year.

Fanatix Music will work with the artist to provide retail and strategic marketing for maximum exposure with personal hands on care by actual insiders with the wherewithal to shop directly to the high powered executives of major labels. Fanatix also offers the follow services through their digital partnership: Synch Licensing Strategy & Promotion Customized Service Online Console Mechanical Administration Physical Distribution

To register, please see the link

So why not other distributors? Fanatix provides the services necessary for aspiring talents of all genres to create their own label to make themselves more marketable in the changing entertainment landscape. Artists that utilize this service will receive personal access to inside music industry sources that these hands-off distributors do not provide AT ALL at 50% less than the cost of these others.

WHY? Because Fanatix is run by industry insiders who have a great desire to see GREAT talent get their passion to the world – without those pesty monthly fees, selling their house, abandoning their families, jobs and lifestyles.

Be confused no longer on how to get started if you want to really make an impression in the industry or just earn a little money selling your tunes..Sometimes, all it takes is one meeting, one forever change the course of your career and your life….

Consider Fanatix Agency for all your artist development needs – Fanatix is more than just a music and film distribution company.  Please make sure to browse the website for a better understanding of what is available to you as a valued members of the Fanatix Agency family.




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  1. Wow..this blog is so nice. i get inspiration from this.Thank you


  2. Stumbled on your website via bing the other day and absolutely find it irresistible. Continue the truly great work.


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