Pioneering The Next Generation of Action Actors

Widely recognized as the host of MTV’s Silent Library, audiences are waiting to see rising actor, Zero Kazama, expand into the mainstream media as one of the next-generation leaders for Asian-American actors.

Silent Library [a prank game show based on a popular Japanese series, in which a team is challenged to perform unusually hysterical tasks while trying to keep quiet] has already garnered a cult-status following, with many viewers calling it the replacement show for Jackass.  Recently, Zero Kazama was featured as a clue to a trivia question on Jeopardy– another indicator of the show’s cultural relevance.  He is currently filming the 4th season of Silent Library through December.  90 episodes will be completed by the end of the year.

Kazama is also well known for his role as one of the head weapons and martial arts experts on SPIKE’s hit show Deadliest Warrior (Yakuza vs. Mafia), where he demonstrates the brutal application of hand-held weapons in shooting a skull through the eye with a Walther P38 – a decommissioned, WWII handgun.  Other film credits include Dark Island by Epic Pictures, where he acted as both the lead male and stunt coordinator, Fast Lane, where he was featured in a scene opposite Anthony Ray Parker, The Killing of John Lennon and various other roles in the indie film circuit.

Born in Japan, but raised in Hawaii, Kazama’s current direction is to act in feature films in a way that accurately portrays American Asians – in a way which is non-stereotypical, and removed from cultural and ethnic stigmas.

Genres Kazama is most interested in is sci-fi/action and fantasy.  He says, “If I could get on Avatar 2, it would be a dream come true.  I also admire everything that Zack Snyder (300) and Christopher Nolan (Inception) have made as well, to name a few directors.  Even though some people may disagree, I think Transformers is awesome; I don’t care what people say, Michael Bay knows action.”

Being passionate about all facets of film, Kazama moved to L.A. in early ’07 and has since learned the crafts behind the camera in addition to acting.  Shooting, directing and editing his own web series and films, Kazama specializes in material composed of artistic visuals, focused on action and movement.  “I got tired of waiting for other people so I learned everything I could to make my own material,” says Kazama.

Working hard to make his own opportunities, Kazama has a feature film script written and many other projects in development.  He is working with a team of other action-actors and says, “We just founded the group a while ago. We haven’t announced it yet, but we’re going to be doing some insane projects in the future.”

Having begun tae kwon do at the age of six, and learning other various disciplines of martial arts, Kazama was inclined to learn the stunt realm of the industry and has worked as a stuntman on projects such as ABC’s LOST, Tropic Thunder, NBC’s Chuck, and has just recently come back from Hawaii working on Hawaii 5-0, being hired as a parkour specialist.

In addition, Kazama has just wrapped on the feature film, Battleship, directed by Peter Burg (Hancock, The Rundown) starring singer, Rihanna, scheduled for 2012 release.  Kazama says of his experience working with the pop star, “She’s really nice in person and said she wants to get on Silent Library, which would be awesome!”  Kazama goes on to say about his stunt role in the film, “If they use most of what they shot, you’ll see a sequence where I repeatedly get the crap kicked outta me.”

Growing up on the islands, Kazama adapted what he knew from martial arts and combined it with Polynesian firedancing.  “I used to be a raver; it was just the natural progression from glowsticks; fire.”  He uses a variety of fire-based weapons including staffs, nunchakus, swords and fire-meteors (giant fireball on a chain).  He was the sole fire performer in Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s combined music video, Love Takes Over, directed by legendary music video director, Jonas Ackerlund.

Zero describes himself as “A spiritual warrior, who finds inspiration in the details of life.”  He currently resides in Santa Monica.

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