A Better Bio Future

New York, NY, January 05, 2011 – BetterBio, Inc. is launching a web platform for discussions on biological technology and its related laws and policies. The site aims to build bridges between industry, academy and community to help citizens become engaged participants in biotechnology policy-making. Everyone has a voice in this conversation – all they have to do is join it.

BetterBio founder, Khadijah M. Britton, says of the venture, “BetterBio empowers all of us to explore, investigate and direct the science, ethics and political economy of the biotechnology industry.”

The forum will also be a tool for in-depth, investigative biotechnology reporting and analysis. By specifically connecting the boardroom and the research lab to our communities, BetterBio will tell biotechnology stories that would never otherwise be heard by general audiences; information that will empower participants to become agents for their own well-being.

BetterBio will address the primary fields of the industry such as biomedicine, agricultural biotech and biofuel, through environmental, economic and social lenses, with rigor and objectivity. The site will uphold the principals of transparency and honesty throughout their editorial process, funding sources and technology use. In short, BetterBio is democratized science journalism.

Britton, a former editor and journalist for such publications as Library Journal and Healthcare Investment Digests (now viewable at OneMedPlace.com), holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University’s School of Law, and has expertise in patent law, biologic economics, biodiversity and the health and safety implications of biotechnology research. Britton says of her venture:

“I didn’t grow up dreaming to one day wear a lab coat. When I won the science fair my freshman year of high school, I expressed my surprise to the sponsor of the fair. ‘I’m a writer,’ I explained, at which he brightened: ‘Great! Do you want a job?’ Thus began my career in science-based reporting, as a columnist in his biomedical company’s newsletter. Over the years, I recognized that my obsession with translating between this industry and the general public was rare – and underfunded. The knowledge imbalances and health disparities that inspired BetterBio were the same ones that led my mother to innocently follow doctor’s orders, giving me round after round of antibiotics when I was young. Since I was fourteen, I have spent most of my life fighting antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, sometimes missing school for months at a time. I am dedicated to helping others avoid such medically unnecessary fates, and to empowering them as agents that create a healthier world.”

In 2000, the United States government added “biotechnology” to its curriculum requirements for public schools, inspiring countries across the world to follow suit. However less than one third of Americans know that DNA is a basic building block of life (in fact, when asked, some guessed it stood for “Drug and Narcotics Agency”) according to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. http://amacad.org/publications/scienceMedia.aspx

With or without the community’s understanding, scientific research drives the economy, access to energy, the food supply and the healthcare system. Most of the modern “breakthroughs” and “miracles” lie in the relatively new field of biotechnology – or, simply put, the scientific manipulation of life.

BetterBio is biotechnology news for all of us. Patients. Parents. Students. Teachers. Anyone affected by these key industries. Britton’s hope is that BetterBio will help us to separate fact from fiction.

Britton believes: “At the end of the day, journalism only means something if it’s news you can use.”

For more information, visit BetterBio at www.betterbio.org. Official launch date 2/11/11.






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