The Colors of Love

New York, NY (Feb. 14th, 2011) – For Immediate Release – The Black Latina Corporation is proud to announce The Colors of Love premier at midtown’s illustrious Roy Arias Theater, March 4th – 6th.

Black Latina Corp. partners Crystal Roman and Apryl Lopez will grace the stage with their second off Broadway production, The Colors of Love, a romantic drama about four different couples confronting unique relationship obstacles.

Black Latina is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and beauty of the African American and Latino cultures through music, theater and film.  Their new production will explore identity on cultural, individual and intimate fronts, the objective being to provide a bird’s eye view of how the relationship one has with themselves, is linked to intimacy and overall personal health (or lack-thereof).

The theatrical scenarios will portray issues which are prevalent in relationships, as well as topics widely considered taboo.  These problems and solutions are written from the perspective of the “Black Latina” in America – a term coined by the partners in efforts to bring awareness to a cross section of Latinos, who recognize that the titles available to describe them racially do not fully support how they identify with themselves.

Roman [playwright] reflects, “As a young girl growing up, I never knew how to explain who I was.  In a society that was and is so label-driven, how one conceptualizes who they are isn’t an easy task. I began to regard myself as a ‘Black Latina’ and after that, life seemed simpler.  I am not the first Black Latina, nor will I be the last, but I do want my legacy to be that I took the initiative to identify with myself in a way that was honest and in a way that I was comfortable with.  This isn’t just for me; I’m carrying the whole group on my back, who also identify in this way.”

“As a Black Latina, I have at one time or another, found myself in the shoes of each female character portrayed in TCOL.  My experiences (some fueled by struggle, others by joy) have opened my eyes, closed doors that needed to be closed, and gave me the strength to begin new chapters so I might continue writing my own story.  I hope to share these lessons and experiences with not only Black Latinas, but with couples and people of all ages and races, inspiring them to overcome their own struggles and continue writing their stories,” says Lopez.

The Colors of Love show and ticket information is available at



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