Emerging artist, Charles Walker, also known as “Chedda Bang” has several tricks up his sleeve for 2011. One thing to look out for is his featured appearance on Inspectah Deck’s upcoming album “The Rebellion,” due this summer.

Released from a nine-year bid with the New York State Correctional system [2009], this reformed hustler has created a portal through which to showcase his music. Don’t Panic Entertainment is a multi-level music group consisting of various notable producers, musicians and marketing professionals, alongside Chedda, serving an uncompromising style of hip-hop.

Chedda began cultivating his relationship with music at the ripe age of nine in his hometown of Staten Island.  The daunting reality of his incomplete family inspired him to transform his challenge into poetry.

Being the eldest son of his fatherless family, he learned early what the weight of the world felt like on his shoulders and shortly after graduating high school in 1994, Chedda succumbed to the pressures of supporting himself and fell prey to the allure of the streets. The music became secondary.

Chedda had plenty of time behind bars to ponder his crimes and change his perceptions. He returned to the world with a new found determination to perfect his craft in hopes that his story would be if nothing else, inspiring to music lovers, and to those navigating similar challenges, investigating outlets to channel their experiences.

Although gone for nearly a decade, Chedda Bang is more relevant than ever  and says that his talent “can’t be contained by walls or years.” After partnering with several  Wu Tang aficionados, he formed DPE [].  His you tube page alone garnered over 50,000 views in under two months.

In addition to “The Rebellion,” Chedda currently has exclusive heat available at with mixtape, “Panic Season.”



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