Movie Star Status

Mikey T The Movie Star is moving up the industry ranks with his production company and lifestyle brand, Movie Star Music, catering to artists of all walks, and film makers. Projects released under the brand have garnered over 5 million views online collectively and over 1.5 million on youtube.  Currently, Mikey T is dominating the mainstream media scene with a drive to start his own label imprint to bring his vision to light.

Mikey T, 23, contends that he holds the title to one of the most consistent and relevant brands in contemporary hip-hop, and says “It’s Movie Star Everything from here on out.”

Q. Where are you from

A. I grew up in Connecticut for the larger part of my life. I was working in the tri state, really getting money on the indie scene between Boston and NYC. In the last year I moved down to Miami, FL. I’m having a lot of breakthrough success out here; I made a lane for myself.

Q. Who is Mikey T

A. I’m the CEO of music label Movie Star Music. It’s a movement, like Interscope. I work with artists, directors and producers. I was a boss before the saying was popular… a natural leader. I fell back from rapping to build my brand.

Q. Describe your beginnings in hip-hop 

A. I discovered it growing up. Life was hard; I was naturally influenced by music. My grasp of the game came from the streets, hearing news from my homies back in 1998 – like all the kids get news from top blogs, today. At a point I became bored with the game and set out to establish my brand.

Q. Describe your motivation for reporting on certain sites and blogs

A. I’ve had a lot of success on all the online blogs I appreciate all the love from all the top websites; my goal is to stay relevant 52 weeks a year. I’m the guy that will have gone from the internet – to the magazines – to the T.V.

Q. What do you want the Movie Star brand to be known for

A. My brand is the next major entity in hip-hop. I’m extending it beyond websites by doing broader promotional campaigns for major and indie companies. It will be a means of releasing music to promote and get correct distribution and placement.

Q. Who are some artists you’d like to work with

A. I’d like to work with artists who are working to develop their careers; the artist who needs the proper boost he can get because of the scene he’s in, as well as major labels like Def Jam and Sony, helping to develop their rosters, as well as all the artists on my Movie Star Music Group label.

For more information on Mikey T follow him @


Adtl press  – Hip Hop Weekly Magazine | September 2011 issue


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