What is Mix-hop? The LP

What is Mix-Hop? Aquavibe is the answer with its uncompromising, eclectic blend of hip-hop, turntablism, r&b, rock, soul and dance fused together for one original sound.  Mix-hop as they describe it is culture remixed and genre evolved. Aquavibe transcends popular trends while remaining unapologetically original. Its live. Its new. Its a spectacle – and don’t you look away.

Committed to the Groovement for the past 10+ years, the five-member band have album sales on six continents, and have performed at numerous reputable venues including Pianos, Lion’s Den, Southpaw, Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe, CBGB’s, Caroline’s Comedy Club in Times Square and a little place you may have heard of: The Playboy Mansion, which they not only rocked the socks off, but three of Aquavibe’s songs are featured on the soundtrack to the mansion’s video game [Playstation, X-Box, PC], and the members are featured characters in the game as well.

Aquavibe has provided music for several indie films including 2007’s Blackout and cameo in the upcoming Accountants Story. Lead singer and musician, D1, produces all of the band’s music and has composed commercial music for the likes of ESPN, Samuel Adams and Victoria’s Secret. Emcees Dyverse the 1st and Paradox or “Dox” are successfully expanding into film careers in front of and behind the camera.

Aquavibe’s new lp, What Is Mix-Hop?, is set to splash winter 2011 [on iTunes] with a bevy of potential singles showcasing their creative versatility while lending a unique vantage into their onstage presence.

For more information visit www.aquavibe.com


Adtl press:  http://theindustrycosign.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/aquavibe-dont-wanna-go-home/


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