YOUNG TRIP The Producer

<-  Click to hear multi mp3 snippet of Young Trip’s instrumentals. Extensive, diverse catalog now available for review/consideration of commercial use in all markets.


More on the producer:

Robert W. Temple III, also known as Young Trip, was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn on June 11, 1989.

Trip, born in to a music-rooted family, has been dabbling with instruments since he was a child: At the age of 6, Young Trip showed interest in the keyboards and by age 8 he played keyboard melodies, learned to program sequencers and eventually made his own beats. By 10, Trip arranged two tracks and called them “Traitor” and “Stay Focused.” These two tracks were the fire that started his 400-track and growing catalogue.

Young Trip stands out from other accomplished producers of the pop and urban markets [outside of his age], because virtually all of his instrumentals are sample-free, not an easy task to meet in an industry that recycles, remixes and re-releases old songs . His music has its own gravitational pull on listeners. Young Trip’s production style makes him a contender to be reckoned with in today’s abstract music marketplace.

Of course, Young Trip’s brother, Bad Boy Entertainment platinum producer Garrett Blake and cousin Printz Board, multi-platinum music producer, writer and music director for Black Eyed Peas, both serve as tremendous influences to this super producer in the making.

Young Trip is poised to change the landscape of our evolving culture with his boundless exploration of sound.

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  1. Loveitt says:

    That’s my baby (Not “baby” like that so please no comments from chicks who wanna beat me up. Not to mention I’m to cute to fight). Yeah I’m feeling myself. I’m so happy and proud of you…Another young BLACK MAN doing the damn thang!

    When are you ready for a hook…from me? That’s if they don’t take my damn vocal cords next!?! Get me out of here!!! LOL


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