Mark of the Bark

For Immediate Release – (New York, NY – August 5, 2012) – Ma Barker is poised to release forthcoming album “Mark of The Bark” September, 2012 on her label imprint Gwop Girls Entertainment, iTunes global and all reputable web portals.

Barker, formerly “Shaqueen” and widely remembered as the former wife to God Father of hip-hop, Kool G. Rap, kicked off her career emceeing 15 years ago battling and defeating artists, which led to recording entirely self-written songs in the late ‘90s. This caught the ear of Cold Chillin’ record label president, Fly Ty, and Mighty of Mighty Entertainment. Her solo career took off after featuring on Levert’s platinum record “Breaking My Heart” off his Love and Consequences album, after which her record “Just Because” hit Billboard charts where it remained for 20 weeks at number 15.

Barker says she’s putting out her current album, “For the love of hip-hop. This project is about who I really am: an artist who’s paid dues.”

Features on Mark of the Bark include 2 Chainz, 50 Cent, Uncle Murda, Bun B, Bleu Davinci and 40 Illuminati, just to name a few.

Hailing from Satina Pearce in East New York, Brooklyn, and raised in the “Southside” section of Jamaica, Queens, Barker knows her roots both in the world and in the ever-changing music industry.

Barker says: “There isn’t a handful of women in the game right now all rapping at the same time. There aren’t any women with the props of Puffy, Jay Z, Doctor Dre or Eminem. There are not enough women helping the movement; I respect women like Silvia Rone, women like Mona Scott – executive women – calling executive shots. Women sometimes put aside their dignity to do things that they don’t really agree with (video vixens), to get where they want to go. But I make executive decisions for my career. I am a boss. I’m not doing anything that I’m not with, to get ahead. If my way is slower, at least my plate is clean.”

There is more to come in 2012 of Ma Barker.

For more information visit YouTube channel

Check out Ma Barker’s “RIOT” remix feat 2 CHAINZ & 50 CENT >>>





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