The Bronx is Back to School

Video Music Box Global and Thermal Sound Waves Radio host their third, annual “Back to School Event” at the P.S. 87 playground in the Bronx.  This event will benefit the children of the community by supplying them with scholastic tools and mentoring opportunities in preparation for the upcoming school year.  In attendance will be local news outlets, community leaders, celebrities, young adults and families. The event kicks off at P.S. 87 playground, 1935 Bussing Avenue (off Baychester Ave.), Bronx, N.Y. and Saturday, September 8, 2012, 12:30pm – 4:30pm. Your generous donation/sponsorship will help make the desired difference.

The afternoon’s activities include the FDNY Fire Truck Tour, egg races, brief addresses by various speakers (stressing the importance of education), and free health screenings and information.

For the estimated 100 – 150 kids to be an attendance, the following donations are being accepted:

  • 20″ wheel young adult bicycles (preferably different colors in which 3 of the bikes can be pink or girl friendly color if possible)
  • Adult bicycles or mountain bikes
  • Kiddie bicycles
  • Razor Classic scooters.

Anything you can or may wish to provide will be highly appreciated!

Generous donors and sponsors (or their representatives) may take advantage of the following media exposure options in return for their participation:

  • Coverage on NYC’s “Video Music Box.” WNYC-LIFE (channel 22/ 25 tri-state area).
  • Radio interview on “Thermal Soundwaves Radio” WHCR 90.3FM – college/terrestrial/worldwide radio.
  • Coverage from CAC-TV on tv and online at bike/music/events blog.
  • Photos with your product (product placement), or with the children or organizers of the event; published to reputable media outlets following event.

This is the beginning of a new, productive and fun tradition in the Wakefield community of the Bronx.

For additional information visit: and

2011 Back to School event footage:




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