Bean Music

“Just when you think you have things figured out, life has a funny way of figuring things out for you,” says Bean.

The Nashville-raised pop diva is passionate about empowering people to embrace who they are and reach their full-potential.

At just 21 and after relocating to the Dallas, Fort Worth Metropolis, Bean has tuned in to her musical calling with the completion of her album Bean and debut single, “Cops and Robbers.” The single, available on iTunes and Amazon, was written by the artist and tells the story of young love and heartbreak.

Bean was Featured Artist of The Month on iHeart Radio with “Cops and Robbers” in heavy rotation.

Following the single is another real-life melody “Sunshine” about the loss of Bean’s father to drug addiction. She said, “Getting the words out helped me heal and I appreciate the feedback people give me and the stories they’re able to share with me.” said of Bean that “she is everything we look for in a new artist…and is like a mix between Adele and Amy Winehouse.”

From singing in a Christian choir at age five – to her upcoming shows with Nascar and Coca Cola – Bean is poised for commercial success and recently partnered with music and entertainment network Akoo as one of the first artists in their Emerging Artist Showcase. With a network span of 190 premier mall locations and universities, “Cops and Robbers” has a projected nation wide viewership of 46 million, monthly.

Heading the list of what is to come in 2013 and outside of being pursued and in negotiations with major record labels, co-president and manager, Adam Mehl chose to partner with Akoo due to their success with its flagship digital network offering broad exposure to national audiences with an ideal demographic for Bean’s music.

“We’re excited to feature Bean as the first musician in our showcase. This innovative new program will introduce new amazing artists to Akoo’s massive audience with a combination of media, and social and mobile interactions that appeal to today’s young fans,” said Niko Drakoulis, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Bean has performed live before enthusiastic crowds in New York including a concert with Hot Chelle Rae and Megan & Liz at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, and two “standing-room only” shows at The Living Room – the city’s premier live performance outlet. She has also performed at the House of Blues in both Dallas and Chicago; an FC Dallas professional soccer game in north Texas; and internationally at a May, 2012 concert at the Monaco Grand Prix where she sang in front of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Bean admires her producers Mike Shimshack and Kyle Kelso, and hopes to collaborate with Coldplay in the future.

Though her artistry is modeled after her original experiences, she has opted for the retro fashions of Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe with cascading blonde curls, mascaraed eyes, and bright, red lips.

Bean says, “A person often meets their destiny on the road he took to avoid it, but in Dallas I met the people who pushed me to do my music.”

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