The MQ998

The MQ998 is a watch that makes calls among many other things.

This factory-direct product is just 50.00 U.S. dollars and 298.00 yuan.

Features of this phone are as follows:

  • calls out via pen accessory, headset, speaker phone and blue tooth.
  • video streaming capability.
  • supports most smart phone apps.
  • uses a Unicom card, which supports a G network.
  • is waterproof (in small water areas, such as the shower or washing hands over the sink), but not large water areas, i.e. oceans, pools.
  • has ringtone, vibrate and silent call alerting options.
  • three-year warranty, 7-day money back guarantee.
  • free, general maintenance services during the warranty period, for the exception of certain man made- incurred damages.
  • easy carrying; difficult to lose.

This product is ideal for reporters, students, exercise enthusiasts, and those who appreciate an avaunt-guard style of communication.

It is still in development to support more smart phone functions.

For information visit



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