KRS-One’s Disaster Kit


New York, NY (November 9, 2012) – KRS-One Releases Exclusive Public Service Song in Light of Increasing Environmental Instability.

With millions of people across the Eastern Seaboard affected by the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy Hip Hop icon, KRS-One, responds with a powerfully informative song entitled, “Disaster Kit,” which gives listeners tips on how to survive natural and man-made disasters over an ominous piano loop and hard hitting kicks and snares, produced by legendary Hip Hop Reggae artist, Mad Lion.

Moved by the tragedy that is still unfolding across the United States, KRS-One says, “This is an opportunity to show the world what Hip Hop is capable of. Obviously this project isn’t about raising money or making money. This is purely about knowledge and survival. I truly hope the world benefits from these words.”

According to KRS-One, the intention of “Disaster Kit” is to get the Hip Hop community mentally prepared for increasing environmental instability. “By memorizing the lyrics of this song, you at least prepare yourself with a mental checklist against natural and man-made disasters.”

KRS-One supports the free distribution of this information.

Disaster Kit is available for free download at:
Find KRS-One on Facebook at or Twitter at @IAmKRSOne

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