Gaetano Colozzi is Juni


JUNI releases single “Smokin Like Marley” off his Lived Volume 2 mixtape dropping March 15th, 2013 on

After ten years of dabbling in music production (since age 13), Juni is an embodiment of techno, trance and hip-hop.

Juni’s in-house production team, Tyler “Dutchbeetz” Walton, Cyph “Dutchbeetz” Manhattan, and Green Room Pro have contributed to the gravitational pull on different audiences, which show continued support for Juni with over 100,000 hits on the internet and 40,000 views and counting on YouTube.

Juni’s recent collaborations include the S.A.S. Eurogang and two singles with Murda Mook. He looks forward to building his catalog of collaborations in the coming year following his mixtape release in March.

Hear the radio version of  “Smokin’ Like Marley” at .

Watch the video at

For more information visit



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