The Bully Review


The Anthology Film Archives screened The Bully film short to a packed, 150-seat theater on January 10th, 2013.

In attendance were various media, doctors, college professors, students, film makers, city council and nonprofit organization reps, HBO, ASCAP, BMI, IFCTV, the cast, crew and their families – all spokes in the wheel of the anti-bullying cause driving schools and concerned communities across the country to act.

The PSA-style film was designed for the youth and for implementation in to school curriculum and programs.

Executive Producer Jacquelyn Wilson says: “I received great reviews after the screening and it was interesting to read commentary about the film via social media. I’m formulating a school tour for Jada post – Pan African Film Festival in February. The demand to see the film is nothing short of a blessing. I can’t wait to expose our message to kids, who are struggling with this issue.

Main characters Charles Keppler (plays the character “Buck”) and Sara Altreche (plays the character “Erika”) gave stunning portrayals of the bully and the bullied, as well as Jiggy Jada whose song “Stop Bullying” is the film’s premise.

Famed cinematographer and Director Gerald Barclay says, “The best part of screening was watching viewers’ reactions. I’m really pleased with the feedback from the audience. I’m looking forward to launching this project with more schools and festivals.”

The message of The Bully can be understood by all, however it is an ideal resource for education.

Executive Producer Maurice Wilson said, “The standing ovation said it all! We put a lot of work into this project.  If feels good to be approaching the final stages with a well-accepted product. Bullying is a major social issue that our youth have to deal with. Major issues require major attention.”

The film was recently selected to premier at the Pan African Film Festival. The team looks forward to competing in more festivals and sharing their message with schools and youth groups, country-wide.

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