Mighty Casey is a rapper, actor, writer, producer and musician. He first came to the national stage in 2002 with his parody cult classic hit, White Girls, which was in rotation on BET’s popular show BET UnCut for four years. The song would also be used in the Wayans Bros hit comedy, “White Chicks.”

Since White Girls, Casey has commandeered several forms of media, writing for the Huffington Post, appearing on NPR and representing for urban working class people at the White House. He has also ventured into filmmaking, writing, producing and starring in the independent hip-hop mockumentary, “Monkey Gang,” which premiered at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and was also shown at the Queen World Film Festival and the Roxbury International Film Festival.

Today, Casey is making reggae music and has released his first single “Keep The Faith,” which has drawn comparisons to Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and other reggae stars. With music, media, film and comedy under his belt, there is no telling what Casey will do next.




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