DJ Nate Ops for Multi-Album Record Deal


For Immediate Release – New York, NY July 5, 2013 – DJ Nate ops for multi-album record deal over the b.s.

In the early afternoon hours of June 15th, DJ Nate a.k.a. “The Twerk King,” was assaulted and robbed.  While it appears the sneak attack got the better of the young DJ, he says he didn’t compromise his future by fighting off his attacker, who had several co-conspirators with him during the altercation.

DJ Nate says, “I was on my way to the barber shop and there was a group of them (conspirators) on another block. I get a haircut every two weeks on the same day, so they know my route. They caught up with me and one guy was on a bike, the cameraman and two other dudes were walking. They asked for a drop for a vlog. Next, they jumped me and that’s all I know.  I don’t have time for beef.  I was just minding my business trying to get a cut for a show. I was most definitely set up.”

Label rep Rick Ivy says of the incident, “The perpetrator proved he was a thug, but that didn’t do anything for him. We don’t want this to turn into another ‘Lil Reese and Lil JoJo’ situation (Lil JoJo was ironically gunned down just hours after Lil Reese made threats on his life, publicly). Since the incident, Lil Reese hasn’t gotten any show bookings that he can speak of. Retaliation does not always work in your favor. We’re more interested in focusing on DJ Nate’s career.”

Here’s what Que Records President Quayshaun Carter had to say of the incident: “I think DJ Nate is braver than any so-called ‘street dude’ because he put the needs of his career, family and fans before revenge. That alone makes him a true artist for the people.”

DJ Nate adds, “While you’re chasing the dream, watch your back because not everybody will be happy for you.”

The artist is working with DJ Pain1 to finish up his album set to release the first quarter of 2014 through Que Records/EMI Distribution.

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