Miami Price the Mini Movie

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For Immediate Release, New York, NY, August 21, 2013 – In We, We Trust in conjunction with Prodigy Apparel presents “Miami Price ~ the Still mini-movie.”

The three-minute film is executive produced and directed by Wesley Dwaine and features several Kansas University student actors and alumni, among others. He says of the venture, “I created a short film out of still-photography, as I felt doing so would push the artistic threshold!  I have not seen a film based on still photography, so I feel good about doing something different.”

Ronny and Nico set out to find the finest threads throughout all the lands.  Their search leads them to the purveyor of all fine threads, “Mr. El Stitch” – the brother of “Calico Sharkskin” – who suggests a meeting at an abandoned hanger, where an exchange of product takes place.

Damien Styles (12) of Wichita, KS provided the soundtrack to the short entitled “Spotlight” – a rap/pop fusion. Styles says, “I always had a passion for music because I was raised around it; my dad was a rapper. We recorded the track three months ago and thought it would be perfect for the film.”

Co-founder of Prodigy Apparel, LLC Aubrey Gilbert says of the project: “We invite you to keep up with updates to our line and the film at  Also, it was very fitting for Damien Styles (a prodigy in his own right) to provide the music for our “Prodigy” clothing line.  Be on the lookout for young Styles; his songwriting and energy-driven performance is what separates him from the new wave of young artists out right now.”

In addition to the still mini movie, Dwaine adds to his recent accomplishments Executive Producer and the villan side-kick role “Azazel” in “Black Blood,” which won the “Best Short Film” and “Best Cinematography” awards at this year’s Comic Con in Salt Lake City.

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For more information on Damien Styles visit

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