The Che Guevara of Rap

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New York, NY – October 14, 2013 – For Immediate Release – Atak 1 to release “Fall From Grace” off forthcoming mixtape, The Che Guevara of Rap Vol. 5 – Comondante.

Atak 1 is making a lane for hip hop in his home town of Denver, CO.  The artist says that his Denver neighbors haven’t ventured much outside their comfort zone of music. But, Atak 1 decided to recruit veteran music producer, “Baby Paul” a.k.a “BpZy” (formerly of the Beatminerz) to consult and help expand his reach with the The Che Guevara of Rap, Comondante, Vol. 5 mixtape, hosted by Evil Empire.

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BpZy says of the collaboration, “I’m playing the role of A&R and marketing consultant for Atak 1. I’m also executive-producing his next mixtape set for release the first quarter of 2014.”

Influenced by rap legends Rakim, Big Pun and Eazy E, Atak 1 says, “anyone can make music, but can you make songs?”

Volume 5, Che Guevara of Rap, is named after a soldier of Cuba’s revolution, remembered best for “going against everything that was supposed to be ‘right’ in order to make it more livable for the people,” says Atak 1. His advocacy for hip hop reminds him of Guevara.

With the untapped music market that Denver is, Atak 1 and BpZy bring the best of two worlds to the plate to create a future listening experience.

Atak 1 has shared the stage with such artists as Lil Scrappy, Young Buck, Gorilla Zo and 2Pac’s Outlaws, among others. He recently performed at T.I.’s “Club Crucial” in Atlanta, GA, and countless other venues and showcases.

Check out “Fall From Grace” off Vol. 5 at

The Comandante mixtape is available at

Visit the artist’s official youtube page at



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  1. Margo Norman says:

    This Is an excellent Song, and an excellent production, DOPENESS!! #Salute Atak1!!


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