It Girl


One might say that this New Jersey native does it all with the juggle of being an actress, on-air personality, song writer, recording artist, and overseeing her record label and promotional team, but Nilaja’s latest achievement It Girl isn’t just a project to her. It’s a movement.

Nilaja’s recent credits are diverse: she has interviewed such industry figureheads as Russell Simmons, Rick Ross and Birdman; has performed at BET’s 106 & Park; has starred in an iPod commercial, and recently completed her first SAG-eligible role as “Sacha” in the Atlantic City Chronicles. She is also a correspondent for From NY to Paris and Mogul Media TV. She’s been doing this for a while, now.

Her foremost achievement of It Girl is the release of “I Got it” this past October – a spinoff of Jay Z’s “You know I got it” off his Magna Carter Holy Grail album, featuring Rick Ross.


MzHanaG: How long have you been professionally releasing music?

Nilaja: I have been a solo artist for about five years; prior to that I was in a girl group. I have been writing songs since I was six.


MzHanaG: Are you indie or have you been signed in the past?

Nilaja: I have always been indie. I started my own label and finance all of my projects.


MzHanaG: Are there any features on the remix you’re promoting?

Nilaja: I am working on a few. Being that I’m a Jersey girl, we’re trying to get some of New Jersey’s finest on it.


MzHanaG: Is this your first project?

Nilaja: This is my first official EP/mixtape. I have released singles and videos before, but this will be my first comprehensive project.


MzHanaG: When are you releasing your full album?

Nilaja: It will be out in January on major downloading portals everywhere.


MzHanaG: How would you best describe this project?

Nilaja: I want to continue to “do it all.” There are a lot of women balancing multiple roles and I want to empower and celebrate all of the other “it girls” around the world. 


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