Poor Girl Rich Girl


The Poor Girl Rich Girl play graced the stage of Cabrini Repertory Theater and its full house on December 8th, 2013.

A cast of six enacted a Cinderella-like tale about a friendship rooted in sorority sisterhood and fueled by jealousy. In addition to seamless acting, were dance steppers, singing, live band and saved best for last – a stunning plot-twist. Written, directed and produced by Staxx Cordero, the story was inspired by a conversation she had with a friend.  The production is two hours, one intermission.

PGRG is set within “Precision Law Firm” owned by sorority sisters “Stephanie Johnson” (Lorene Martinique) and “Janay Williams” (Neyoka Wells). Aside from the supporting role of their gay-behaving administrative assistant, “Roger Travell” (Dre Foreman), they bring aboard sorority sister, “Amber Rivera” (Latresa Baker), to be their office cleaner.

Strong female lead Stephanie gets a rude awakening when her celebrity client/football player, “Derrik Ruffin” (A’ndre Davis), takes a romantic interest in Amber instead of her. An ever-bewildered Stephanie will stop at nothing to complicate the working environment for Amber with snide remarks and unprofessional behavior. All the while and in the face of adversity, the romantic bond between Amber and David strengthen.

Roger delivers sheer hilarity with his gay wit throughout the materialistic, money hungry banter of the law firm owners. Stephanie is incapable of concealing her jealousy and grows increasingly determined to shame Amber in front of Derek and the staff of the firm, and admits to committing the dishonest of deeds to her when they were in college. But, millionaire Derek is not deterred by the antics of the women in the office and in a show of sincerity, ditches his player life for Amber and opens a small catering business for her.

Amber finds her inner strength and vocalizes her opposition to Stephanie with the words, “You know nothing about sisterhood,” leaving Stephanie scratching her head in wonderment at the destruction that her jealousy caused.

Stephanie learns that her gay assistant is actually straight: reserving feelings for her all along, Roger comes forward in genuine support of the woman he believes Stephanie to be underneath all the jealousy. Stephanie realizes that all she ever wanted was to be loved.

The play is a happy ending for the perpetrator as well as the victim – as both learn more about themselves through their struggling friendship.

Poor Girl Rich Girl is scheduled to hit more stages in 2014 in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Syracuse areas. Cordero plans to convert the production into a book.

For more information contact Ms. Cordero at staxxcordero@gmail.com.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Staxx Cordero says:

    It was an honor to have had you review the play! I’m so happy to have had you be the first to give it a thumbs up!! Continued blessings in all you do!!


    1. mzhanag says:

      Thank you for having me, I was honored to attend.


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