Pain, Scars & Wishes


Damien Styles has always had a passion for music because he was raised around it.

The plate is full for the teenager in preparation for the release of mixtape “Sinema” featuring prior material, and new album “Pain, Scars & Wishes,” both downloadable at, Amazon and iTunes the first quarter of 2014.

Styles says of his titling: “’Sinema’ because, if your life was a movie would you want to see it all the way through until the end? It’s about the scenes from my life. ‘Pain Scars & Wishes’ is about the different levels of pain I went through after my parents split up: at first I felt a lot of pain, and then it healed and led to scars. I put my experiences into my music and now I have wishes to do something with it.”

The impressionable teenager is inspired by the people closest to him: “My dad inspired me to share my voice through hip-hop; Astro proved to me that kids can do anything they set their mind to, and MGK gave me the inspiration to be quick.”

The young artist is establishing himself early with introspective video “Snomed,” which is Demons spelled backwards. One might think that it’s a song about the devil. But, it’s actually about Style’s experience with his battle of wills, good vs. evil. He says of it, “The decision behind making this was based on feeling like everything for me was going badly and I didn’t understand the point of life. I was starting to lose faith. I realized that I had the choice to be unhappy or happy. I became happy by strengthening my faith in God.”

Sinema is due late in February with a 24-hour $.99 download of the mixtape March 13th.  Following this, the P.S.W. album will release in April-May, with plans for a summer tour.

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