The long awaited HYDRALAZINE Mixtape

Is available for download at datpiff.com January 20!

Produced by Eleven and hosted by Def Beat President Dana Dane, this compilation of tracks by various artists will be officially available on Martin Luther King’s birthday, 1/20/2013.

HYDRALAZINE features such artists as Lady Luck, Ma Barker, Maya Azucena, Fly Ty (of Rockboy Gz) and DR Period, among others.

Eleven is a renowned music producer for numerous artists with recent credits including Lil Ceas and Babs. In addition, he has carved out the enviable position as a lady-rapper-manager for many premier and upcoming artists such as Ma Barker, Kanary Diamonds, Hedonis the Amazon and Marla Mystique to name a few.

Mixtape name “HYDRALAZINE” is representative of Eleven’s health battle with his heart: HYDRALAZINE is a drug that helps your heart beat at a normal rate. After suffering a heart attack in 2013, which put him in the hospital for one month and on a respirator for a few days and unconscious, Eleven started to make decisions that would change his life for the better, so that he could continue to live his life: “One month in ICU at Metropolitan – I’m gona give yall what they gave me for a new me – HYDRALAZINE.”

The mixtape is laced with comedic skits – an element that has diminished over the years with the replacement of albums with mixtapes.

Among the most notable tracks to Eleven are number 3, Discography – a very personal record addressing his career with She Got Next, and 4, The Statement  featuring Cotona P and Snagg da Don – a very New York record in contrast to the majority of material out now bearing a southern twang.

Get HYDRALAZINE at http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=549946

Connect with Eleven at:




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