The Brand


For Immediate Release – March 10, 2014 – AtakOne to release The Brand mixtape April 1rst on and Check out premier single, “I Get Money,” featuring Kwony Cash.

AtakOne is poised to release “The Brand” mixtape led by notable producers DJ Plugg, Chef Premier and Kontender, among others.

Hailing from Denver, Co, and having released numerous mixtapes, the artist says, “The radio gives no love to local artists in Colorado. There’s a bigger market for unsigned rock n’ roll artists. I, have to go elsewhere.”

Being of Latin decent, AtakOne believes there is a void for Latino artists in the music industry and hopes to be an influence on bridging the gap.

Atlanta producer DJ Plugg says of the artist: “He got bars! We’re gonna turn him up all the way!”

For more information visit:

the artist’s Youtube Channel


@Therealatak1 – Twitter
@Therealatak1 – Instagram – Facebook



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