Journeys of a Major League Reporter


Manhattan native, Haley Smilow, has an affinity for baseball. The 12  year old has been traveling to ballparks with her family since she was a baby. She is making monumental strides as a young baseball reporter – so much so – that the New York Times has taken notice of the eighth grader and reported on her in 2013.

Among  her recent credits to date, is being selected as one of eight kids to be a “Kid  Reporter” for Staten Island Kids in 2013 and ’14. Here’s what she has to say about her amazing journey as a young, baseball reporter.

MzHanG: You have interviewed baseball players on camera and off; what is your favorite way to interview people?

Haley: I prefer on-camera interviews so that I can concentrate on listening  to the players.

MzHanaG: Is there anyone who has inspired your love for baseball?

Haley: Yes – my dad, my uncle and Derek Jeter have inspired me.

MzHanaG: Who are some of your favorite baseball players?

Haley: My favorite baseball players are Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols and Clayton Kershaw.

MzHanaG: How does it feel to be a young lady working in a primarily male-dominated industry?

Haley: They don’t really expect it. Last week we  went to Florida and I had a media pass and was told I couldn’t interview  the players. They didn’t realize that I had a pass. They couldn’t  believe it.

MzHanaG: And did they let you in?

Haley: Yes, they did.

MzHanaG: Who accompanies you on your visits to the ballparks?

Haley: Its usually me and my Dad.

MzHanaG: What would you like to do when you grow up?

Haley: I would like to be a journalist, but I’m not 100 percent sure of what I’d like to be – just yet.

MzHanaG: How old were you when you you got serious about writing?

Haley: I was around eight or nine.

MzHanaG: Who are your favorite authors?

Haley: Grace Lin and Michael Lupica.

MzHanaG: Approximately how many articles have you written, and for what publications?

Haley: About 20 for Baseball Youth and Junior Baseball magazines.

MzHanaG: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Haley: I love to play goalie on my ASYO soccer team the Blue Thunder.

Young Haley admits that being a baseball reporter can be challenging  at times,  but she is thankful for the experience and the encouragement  she receives from her family and friends.

More of Haley’s story and works are viewable on her blog.


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