Who Is Tuan X?


Brooklyn-bred emcee, singer and actor, Tuan X, is using his music to make change.

The [2014] Independent Music Award winner utilizes an out of the box approach in branding his albums – three to date – after classic English literature: “A Tale Of Two Cities” (EP), inspired by his recent tour of London and his visit to France; “Of Mice And Men” (EP), a collaboration with a few of New York’s profound emcees, and the “The Piano Lesson” (EP), a pop album centering on love, loss and realization.

Tuan X has graced numerous stages and institutions such as City Hall, collegiate auditoriums, the legendary Apollo Theater, Hard Rock Café, The Shrine, Santos, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and countless more. His international travels have brought him to the UK, France, Canada (performing for the Canadian Music Week Festival) and South Africa (featuring on VOX, Africa TV’s “Shoot The Messenger”).

Tuan X has applied his artistry to both entertainment and his philanthropic ventures: being an avid supporter of the ASPCA, he has performed at their events geared toward raising awareness in the prevention of cruelty to animals. He donates the profits from sales at his online store to foundations, which he supports. He has run in numerous marathons for Cancer Research, including a 72-flight stair climb, and with the WWE in the Susan G. Komen, Race For A Cure.

Tuan X’s cultured background is his inspiration: living in Brooklyn, California and Virginia, while holding family ties in North and South Carolina, has greatly affected the essence and substance of his music. He says, “Various genres and forms of expression have helped me to frame the method and delivery of my art.”

Connect with Tuan X at http://www.TuanX.com for continuous updates on his events and music.

Hear the “A Tale of Two Cities” EP snippet on Sound Cloud

Check out the[Video] “We Get Lifted Ft. Educated Kev:”

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