Jay Z and Beyonce Put Up A United Front Amidst Divorce Rumors



The Carter marriage has been thrust into the spotlight since Solange, 28, viciously attacked Jay Z, 44, about rumored infidelity with Rachel Roy or Rihanna (details remain at large).

The On The Run duo are reportedly sleeping in separate hotels, talking about cancelling the OTR tour, have had their divorce attorneys join the tour to help hash out how they will split, and Beyonce, 32, has begun her search for an apartment of her own.

On the heels of this, Jay and Bey attended the grand opening and ribbon-cutting of Gloria Carter’s restaurant (Jay’s mom), “Diamondz N Da Ruff,” in Newark, New Jersey on July 29th, whilst they continue to publish images of their happy family life on instagram with candid shots of their vacations and adorable outings.

But factually speaking, Beyonce has called attention to her crumbling relationship by changing her lyrics on stage during the OTR tour, and dissing her marriage with edited lyrics in the “Flawless” remix released on August 2 with Nicki Minaj, 31. She makes a direct reference to her sister’s May 5th elevator fight with Jay:

“We escalate, up in this b*itch like elevators

Of course sometimes sh*t go down

When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

The most interesting of ‘Yonce’s edited lyrics is the “billion dollar” line. The couple topped Forbes’ 2014 Highest Earning Celebrity Couples List with Jay Z reportedly worth an estimated $500 million, and Beyonce, $300 million. Her statement gives the impression that the marriage was a publicity stunt – nothing more than a business arrangement.

If Jay and Bey can tough it out through the remainder of the tour, they’ll rake in another $100 mill – not far off the 1 billion dollar mark Bey references on her remix.

“When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator” is probably thee – most – honest thing Beyonce has ever said. Not only do we know what to expect, but we also know what to think.



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