Stand Your Ground


The recent rash of police-related killings and shootings on unarmed black men has ignited protests, riots and discussion among people from around the country. Such recent killings of unarmed Staten Island, NY man Eric Garner on July 17th, Mike Brown of Ferguson, MO on August 8th, and the shooting of unarmed New Orleans man Armand Bennett on August 11th, are not all by coincidence. Something else is at work.

While black men (the one’s we hear about) are being picked off one by one, I sought out the perspectives of internationally renowned public figures and black men, to assist in the mental and emotional processing of these events.

Willie D, one third of legendary hip hop group Geto Boys, had some choice words to share on the matter of the shooting of certain innocent civilians by police officers.

MzHanaG: What is your opinion of the “Stand Your Ground” gun law?

Willie D: The “Stand Your Ground” law was invented by racist white people for the purpose of murdering black people. The law only benefits whites. If you’re a black person and you try to use the “Stand Your Ground” law, they [whites] are going to ask you why you had a gun in the first place. They changed the gun law so that black people are not armed when they come for them. The killing of black men by police is a conspiracy.

Investing in prisons filled with black men is a conscious effort. They’re not trying to educate poor people. They don’t want them educated. They want them uneducated; they want them on the street selling dope so that they can control them. Only that uneducated black man – that Uncle Tom – that house ni**a – that coon – can be controlled and in turn, used to control other blacks.

MzHanaG: Can you provide an example of when the “Stand Your Ground” law was used by a black person?

Willie D: Mirissa Alexander tried to use the “Stand Your Ground” gun law with her abusive husband. She fired a single bullet into the kitchen ceiling of her own house as a warning shot against her abusive husband. Her husband called the police and they put her through the un-justice system and slapped her with a mandatory 20 years in prison for discharging a weapon. The bottom line was that she fired the gun in defense. She didn’t hurt or kill anybody and she’s sitting in jail right now for the next 20 years. What kind of message does that send? Do you think that if a white woman did that she’d be sitting in jail? The “Stand Your Ground” law is not in place to protect black people.

MzHanaG: Do you think that Obama could do more about the killings of unarmed blacks by police?

Willie D: Obama can’t do anything. That’s why these cops are doing all the killing. You have legislation and enforcement; legislation doesn’t have enforcement for the police. The police are going unchecked. They put the badge and the gun on like a cape and they’re flying around like superman killing people.

MzHanaG: Why in your opinion, are cops killing people?

Willie D: White racist police and vigilante whites are killing blacks because Obama is in power. They’re killing out of revenge. Racists are trying to keep their foot on the necks of black men and keep them down. They’re trying to hold on to their power since Obama got in office. They wish they could kill him, but they can’t. So they’re killing us instead. They never thought they’d see a black president in their lifetime. They’re sending the message of what will happen if we step out of line. There’s millions of YouTube videos showing whites challenging the cops. Black men can’t do that; they have to protect themselves. Police intimidate, harass and take lives. That’s what they’re doing. If they’re doing something different, then tell me. When police come to the neighborhood they don’t even wave. They’re not part of the community. They’re there to push people around and go home and come back tomorrow and do it again. They’re never there to be positive. They plant dope on people and make up cases. That’s what people in the hood know them for.

MzHanaG: Is protesting effective?

Willie D: America doesn’t respect anything but money and bloodshed, and I don’t see anyone handing out any money. All that marching and holding hands – your feet and arms will get tired before their eyes get tired of watching you. If you’re not marching to shut down the economy, if you’re not spilling blood, you’re not going to be effective. These same white people who kill black people, supported Clive Bundy and his army enlisted to shoot federal agents. Now, that’s some irony for your ass. These people believe that black people would be better off in the field picking cotton, than liberated. At the end of the day, the local police and the military have all the power because they have the lead bullets and the tear gas. What’s the point of protesting when you don’t have that kind of power? I’ve done my marching, donating and boycotting and my feet and hands are tired. I feel like they laugh at us when we do that. Everybody has their lane. Some people protest and some people are done protesting.

I don’t want to discourage the people who are protesting because I think that all of it is necessary. There are a number of things that have to be done in unison, like fighting back. If the government will not defend a man or his community, that man has a right to defend himself and his community. That includes defending his community against people who look like him as well. It’s time to stop giving blacks who are destroying black neighborhoods, a pass. Anybody who makes it unsafe for our women and children to walk the streets and think it’s cool to murder black males just because they feel like it, need to be held accountable every single time. No exceptions.

MzHanaG: With regard to protests and riots in Ferguson, Mike Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden said, “When justice has prevailed, it may regain trust in the locals.” What’s your opinion of her statement?

Willie D: These people don’t care. They have a license to kill. They’re backed by the police unions and the judges and the juries. When they start feeling the same kind of pain, then it will stop.

MzHanaG: Racism may never end. Take the Jews for example, who have been persecuted since the beginning. Are you prepared for the possibility that there may always be racism directed at blacks in America?

Willie D: They [whites] can’t be racist against the Jews; they can only be bigoted because Jews have their own economic, political and educational systems. They’re self-sufficient. They own the communications. Black people need to also work on being more self-sufficient.

I also spoke with Professor Griff of legendary hip hop group Public Enemy.

MzHanaG: How in your opinion, should (black) people be processing the recent killings of unarmed black men by police?

Professor Griff: We have to get the whole idea of how we refer to ourselves correct, first. Derogatory terms used to describe us were introduced to us as a product of racism. We have to be very mindful of what we say and how we refer to one another. Part of the reason why the rest of the world thinks it’s alright to shoot black people down in the street is because some of us refer to each other as “bitches” and “hoes” and “niggers.” The question is what should we, as the original people [Africa being the birthplace of the human race], be doing in defense of racism? We have to be able to adequately define racism and we can’t use the same definition constructed by people who have perpetrated countless attacks on us. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing talked about racism and white supremacy being linked to global politics. We have to understand what the dynamic of “white” is with respect to us. These people are trying to survive, genetically. If we ran down a list of black and unarmed men who have been murdered this year alone – their guts and eyeballs removed – it would blow your mind. If we ran down a list of black women who have been murdered for no reason this year, it would blow your mind. You have to wonder why it is that it’s always the black and unarmed. According to Dr. Cress Welsing, we have the highest genetic potential to annihilate white people right off the planet because we have the highest concentration of melanin in our skin. America is undergoing a prodigal form of ethnic cleansing; a very quiet, slow, methodical purging simply because white people do not want black people here. That’s my take on things.

Now, what we should be doing? Number one, we should be well aware of the necessity of having knowledge of self and we should be well aware of having knowledge of who our open enemy is and stop denying it. I’m not saying that white people are our open enemy; I’m saying that they’re demonstrating that they’re our open enemy. The numbers don’t lie. Their conscious behaviors don’t lie. Number two, more of us should be getting our diet together so that we can readily be able to respond to these assaults. Number three, we should be educating our children and giving them a bird’s eye view of white people’s behavior and the crimes they’ve committed on black people starting from the time they set foot on the African continent. Number four and like I tell my son, when those blue lights hit you, adjust your behavior. You’re behind enemy lines once police pull you over. I’m not saying bow down – but act accordingly and answer their few questions. Give them back the authority that they need in the situation so that you can go on about your business. If you give them the permission to handle us the way that they’ve been handling us, they will take you, because they’re blood thirsty. There hasn’t been a time since these people have been on the planet that they haven’t been murdering people. They’re at war with themselves. A book by Amos Wilson, Black on Black Violence, talks about these dynamics and living among a people who have always been at war. It is so intricate but yet so simple. Nobody talks about white on white crime; 84% of white people in America are murdered by white people. No one talks about Italian on Italian crime, or Mexican gangs, or Chinese gangs.

Additionally, what we should not be doing is siding with apologists for white people; people who acquiesce to the belief that “so and so” deserved to be shot down because he was a robber or a criminal. No one deserves to be shot down like dogs. James Homes, who shot up the movie theater in Colorado killed 12 people. Police ran up on him while his gun was still smoking. He was armed and dangerous. He ended up dropping his weapon and going with police. Guess what? He was white.

There’s obviously something strange going on in America. Your silence today could mean the death of your kids tomorrow.


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