Bulimia: It Also Affects Men

Cricketer Andrew Flintoff, a former player in England, has recently revealed how he used to inflict illness upon himself, in between Test matches; he was simply suffering from bulimia. There has been a stigma for quite some time that this disease is suffered mainly by women. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Flintoff has given the appearance of indestructibility to the public; however, his sickness is anything but private now. Now 36, the successful player said he has suffered from the eating disorder at the height of his sporting career.

In his hay day, the cricketer would leave the pitch and then head straight to the men’s facilities to make himself vomit. He would then return to the playing field without missing a beat.

Flintoff has also suffered from depression in the past, which he’s vocal about now. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, he said he didn’t exactly remember when the bulimia first crept into his life, but it quickly snowballed into a “regular occurrence” as he rose to stardom. He was a party boy in the past as well, and every time he thought he was ingesting an item that would assist with putting on weight, or when he’d drink, the sickness came lurking.

He says that the reason he didn’t come to terms with his sickness, and why he didn’t seek professional help was because he thought it unprofessional [to his career], and not very macho. He felt that he couldn’t give anything away.

Flintoff even had a brief run-in with a dietician who was used to dealing with models and actors in professional settings. He shrugged her off, and continued to keep his secret.

After a brief retirement, the cricketer has returned to playing on the county level for Lanshire. He is onto the road of recovery.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/news/11091783/Andrew-Flintoff-I-battled-bulimia-during-my-England-cricketing-days.html

Joseph Federico


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