Deadly Shark Poses Threat in United Kingdom

Two days ago, images of what could be a creature more gruesome than the one in famed “Jaws,” surfaced by the British Coast. Could this prehistoric creature be as deadly as some speculate?

Fisherman Nigel Hodge was taking on the tasks of his everyday life, when he spotted, and captured images of a 14-foot “monster” just 20 miles from Falmouth, Cornwall. In a day and age where technology is king, Hodge naturally posted the threat to his Facebook page immediately, properly titled, Cornish Fishing. It was well-received, and spread like wildfire.

Some professionals argue it is merely a Great White, while others believe it is the infamous creature feared by Jacque Cousteau himself, an oceanic whitetip, which is apparently “the most dangerous of all sharks.”

In further studies of the images, scientists came to agree on the fact that the body size of the animal and its fin shape ruled out a less aggressive species such as porbeagles or makos.

Author David Turner claimed, after closer examination, that it was a Great White lurking in the ocean. He came to the conclusion by tracing its dorsal fin shape.

However, shark aficionado Bob Shotter, had a differing opinion; he claimed that the shark was in fact a whitetip. He went on record stating, “…My thoughts were leaning towards an oceanic whitetip, that or a thresher shark.”

This isn’t the first irregular shark sighting the UK had; earlier this year, a Great White, which was over 16-feet long, was tracked treading towards the British Coast.

Sharks, no matter how old they are, or how many ridiculously awesome movies are made about them, will forever be entertaining to the human race.

In this case, it is a good sign that the unnamed beast was spotted and is under strict surveillance; however, there isn’t a need to gear-up the Orca II just yet.



Joseph Federico


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