Nick Jonas Gets Jealous

Former Jonas Brothers star, and youngest of the talents, Nick Jonas, released his latest video for the single “Jealous.” Allegations of Jonas being gay – after partying in the LGBT circuit as of late – will certainly subside.

Jonas, recently 22, chose his lady friend, Olivia Culpo, also 22, to star in his music video. Culpo is seen in the video with a tight gym body, showcasing her talents by playing the cello very seductively. Who wouldn’t be jealous with a girlfriend like that? Jonas wanted to keep the cast of his video close to home.

Olivia Culpo started dating Jonas in 2013, and the couple shortly came clean about their relationship to the public. Culpo was also crowned Miss Universe and Miss USA in 2012.

Jonas, who recently ventured off on his own, says that “Jealous” and other tracks on his self-titled solo album, have a “new-agey Lionel Ritchie vibe” to them. Jonas also spilled to personality Ryan Seacrest recently, that inspiration for the single arose from real life experiences; he stated that a young man was pining after Culpo in the past, and it made him extremely jealous.

Culpo has also gone on record stating that she has absolutely no problem with being the inspiration for her boyfriend’s creativity.

Isn’t that sweet?



Joseph Federico


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