Calvin Klein Claims NYFW

Knocking top designers out of the running, Calvin Klein, known for his simplistic Americana looks, was a top dog on social media during New York Fashion Week.

It may have also had a little something to do with a certain pop star flaunting around in the designer’s underwear at the Fashion Rocks event. Yes, it was none other than Justin Bieber, but let’s save that for another time, shall we?

Fohr Card, a blogger data tracker, reported that the media created approximately 500 posts about Calvin Klein’s show, with about 10 million impressions in total. Although impressive, and maybe even record-breaking, the numbers do not measure overall reach, but namely influence.

Fohr Card founder, James Nord, commented on the viral phenomenon. “More people are talking about Michael Kors, but they aren’t getting people with a lot of reach to talk about them,” he stated.

The Calvin Klein runway show came in at the top of the popularity contest, ahead of Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, who of which are excellent designers as well.



Joseph Federico


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