Fat Joe has Altercation with Big Pun’s Widow

Fat Joe, former mentor and friend to rapper Big Pun, had a lawsuit filed against him by widow Liza Rios. Rios is asking for over a million dollars of lost income from the sales of her late husband’s music.

During his hay day, Big Pun and Fat Joe had an agreement that they would split the revenue earned from the Bronx emcee’s catalog, Liza claims. No money had been received since the mid-2000s. This lead to several major lifestyle changes for Rios, including losing her home, amongst other things.

This isn’t the first allegation that Rios put forth; in 2009, she claimed the lack of funds that were supposedly owed to her, caused her to relocate her family to a homeless shelter. Fat Joe lent her money shortly after that, and tried to talk some sense into the widow, but to no avail.

Furthermore, Fat Joe accused Big Pun’s widow of brainwashing her children into believing he was intentionally robbing them of the money that would assist in their otherwise bright futures. Joe also was distraught at the fact that Rios slandered Pun’s name and legacy by publicly stating she was assaulted numerous times throughout their marriage.

Big Pun died all too soon in 2000.

Source: http://www.allhiphop.com/2014/09/19/big-puns-widow-liza-rios-suing-fat-joe-1-million-terror-squad/


Joseph Federico


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